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Princess Schala

Daughter of King and Queen Zeal, this primary character leads the party to save the world. As the only Wind innate, her unique magical abilities make her a pinnacle point in the Chrono Series.



-Wind Innate


 A typical good-hearted soldier of the Guardia army.

Athen vows to help Schala after finding her lost in the woods while being attacked by Ozzie. After his brother goes missing, his young nephew and sister-in-law are dependant on him as a strong male figure.


- 990AD

-Fire Innate

 Being best friends with the Guardia Captain, Glenn is favourited amongst the King and Queen. With a true hero's heart, Glenn assists in finding Ozzie and bringing about the downfall of his empire.



-Water Innate


Flea the Magician

 As Dragonite King, Drago has a reputation to uphold. Once learning of the demise of his entire race in the future, he vows to claim revenge on Ozzie and reclaim his species.



-Fire Innate

 A stealthy thief from the future. Kina first takes interest in Schala when she notices a valuable item she has from the past. With her knowledge of technology and weapons, Kina is a dynamite member of Schala's party.



-Light Innate

 As mysterious as she may be, this hidden member has a very high magic potential and has a vendetta against the one that took her husband away from her...



-Shadow Innate

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